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Earlier this month the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League PELICAM went live.  This came courtesy of Coastal Conservation League, S.C. Department of Natural Resources, Stasmayer Inc., Charleston Harbor Pilots and Mount Pleasant Radio.  And if you tuned in at the right time, you may have seen our own Wray Lemke making adjustments to the webcam.

Here is a link to the website.


When you go on the site, make sure your speakers are on, but NOT up too high.  Wray recently added a microphone and those pelicans make a racket.  At the website you can scroll down and get a ton of information on Crab Bank and on all the different birds you will see.  There are two solar powered cameras, one facing east and one facing west.  The feed changes between the two every 15 minutes.  You can go to the site at night as there are infrared lights. 

Below is a video clip of a diamondback terrapin turtle coming in from the water to lay eggs amongst the birds.
South Carolina Coastal Conservation League PELICAM
The Crab Bank Pelicam, just off Mount Pleasant in Charleston Harbor, brings you live video of nesting pelicans
Night vision
YouTube link to the PELICAM