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For Sale or Want Ads
If you have something to sell or are looking for something, contact the WebMaster with your request to post it here.
-- I'm looking for a Jaguar XKE roadster for a friend.  If you know of one for sale, please contact me at tdmccurry@yahoo.com, Tom McCurry, Tommy's Topless Cars.
-- We are having our wedding in Charleston next October and are looking for a private person to chauffeur us from our wedding ceremony location downtown to our reception. Do you know of anyone who has a London Black Taxi who would be willing to do something like this and make a few bucks on the side? Thanks, Skip Isley.  Please contact me at skipisley@verizon.net.
--  I'm looking for someone with an antique car, preferably a convertible (but not necessary) to drive us from our wedding venue to our hotel in downtown Charleston on the night of April 1, 2017. It would require about 30 minutes to an hour of your time at 11pm and the drive is about 15 minutes from West Ashley to downtown. We will pay you for your time and service! Please contact me at ljcharleston88@gmail.com or 302-367-6880.  Thank you so much! Laura
-- Wanted: Jaguar E-type Series II Coupe Parts BD20767 & BD20766 NDV hinge pillars, hatch release cover chrome trims, BD19562 & BD19561 windshield chrome trim "doglegs".  I have many used E-type parts to sell, trade, or give away. Contact Bill Unger email HYPERLINK "mailto:wm.c.unger@gmail.com" wm.c.unger@gmail.com or tel. (843) 527-7840.
--  I'm looking for a 1960's or 1970s MGB or Austin Healey British Racing Green color only.  If you have one or know of one, please contact me at 727-254-9675 or HYPERLINK "mailto:l.frevert@yahoo.com" l.frevert@yahoo.com.  Thanks, Lynne Frevert
--  Looking for old tools to put together a tool roll for the Magnette. Old wrenchs, spark plug sockets, wire screwdrivers, etc.  Contact Wray at wraylemke@compuserve.com.
-- I am looking for a hardtop for a 1975 MGB.  I am also looking for someone to do some minor bodywork on the car.  Please contact member Dennis Pieschke at dpieschke@hotmail.com.
--  For 1969 Jaguar E-Type SII Coupe BD20767 & BD20766 NDV hinge pillars (Mine have rebrazed mounting plates that continue to crack) BD38326 rear hatch release latch cover & finisher chrome trims (I have the hinge covers). C28516 interior rear view mirror & mounting stem. BD19562 & BD19561 Windshield chrome trim doglegs. I have a lot of E-Type parts to sell, trade, or give away. Contact Bill Unger: Wm.c.unger@gmail.com.
-- I would love to join your club, but first, I need my Mini.  I am looking for a pre-owned, convertible Mini Cooper S, with less than 75,000 miles.  I would prefer one no older than 2010, with an automatic transmission.  If you know of one, please contact me at (803) 261-4867 or Donnavroblesky12@gmail.com.
-- Hi everybody!  I moved to South Carolina over the summer and sold my Innocenti Mini Cooper, and now have a 1981 Leyland Clubman 1275GT.  The carb on it needs some tuning and for the life of me I cannot figure out how this thing works.  It runs really rich and bogs down unless youre off the gas or on full throttle.  I'm looking for someone who can help me tune this thing.  You can contact me at austinnleonard@gmail.com or at 571-344-4249.  Here are a couple pictures of the car.  Thanks!  :-)
Picture 1
Picture 2
-- I want to convert my 1967 MGB to a dual master cylinder brake system. Does anyone know if there is a kit available?  Please contact me at 843-670-1542 or email to michaelrains76@yahoo.com.  Thanks, Michael.