MILEAGE: 65K - One of the lowest mileage 2008/2009 Jaguars for sale in the entire country
COLOR: Black on Black (this is a rare color combination for the XJ and difficult to find)
Have a look online - this is the only 2008 or 2009 black on black Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas on the market. 
ENGINE: 4.2L V8CHASSIS: Aluminum space frame, which makes the car very very light for its size.  Due to this  advanced light frame, this car gets over 30mpg between 70mph and 80mph on the highway!!
As Jag XJ lovers know, 2008 & 2009 are the last two model years of the "classic" Jaguar XJ body style. Ford sold Jaguar to Tata, an Indian company, in 2010 and they completely redesigned the XJ.  It sadly no longer looks like a Jaguar at all. Very sad for Jag lovers, but this means that the 2008 and 2009 model years are the last classic XJ's ever made.  To put it another way, when you  think of what a classic Jaguar looks like, it is the pre-2010 XJ that you are thinking of.
This is one of the most beautiful and classic automobiles ever built.  Also, the 2008 and 2009 model years were identical as far as exterior design and interior options, so they are equally valuable, it just comes down to the condition of the vehicle and how many miles are on the odometer. People frequently compliment me on this car when I am in public and they can never guess the age of the car.  They are always surprised when I say it is a 2008, because its classic looks are absolutely timeless.
For those not familiar with Jaguars: The XJ is the flagship model of the Jaguar brand and the Vanden Plas is the top of the line luxury model in the XJ range.  The Vanden Plas is a more limited edition of the XJ and there were not very many made for the US market. The Vanden Plas features a longer wheelbase than the standard XJ, so there is a large amount of legroom in the back. The VDP also offers the highest level of interior trim and is the most luxurious XJ model available. The Vanden Plas is truly the creme-de-la-creme of the Jaguar range and was specifically designed in England to transport visiting Heads of State, the Queen and Royal Family, and the Prime Minister, who have all been frequently transported in this version of the XJ over the years and still are to this day.  Quite an interesting history for this model. The 2008 and 2009 XJ's are increasingly valuable and sought after,  particularly low-mileage examples like this car.  There is a good chance these XJ VDP's will now start to go up in value over the next few years.  As a limited edition top of the line model, the Vanden Plas is more valuable than the standard XJ, so is much more likely to continue to appreciate in value now that the 2008's and 2009 are getting to harder to find.

Almost all XJ's you will see online are well over 100K miles and they are the basic XJ model, not  the Vanden Plas. At 65k miles, this car feels absolutely like new and I have kept it in pristine condition inside and out. I change the oil every 5,000 miles at the Jaguar dealer (the cost is  virtually the same as other oil change places)I only use Shell V-Power 93 octane gas All servicing has been done at Baker Jaguar of Charleston and Jaguar of Asheville, which also adds value to the car, in fact Jaguar of Asheville wanted to buy it from me, but I declined.
Paint and leather both in pristine conditionAll mechanical and electronics  work wellAll original service records and all of the original Jaguar owners manualsElectronic key and also 1 valet key I have never had any problems with this car, not even a check engine light or any warning lightsThe engine is the very strong and reliable 4.2L V8 that was built by Ford when they owned Jaguar and was used on many different vehicles. This car has many special features, including: Pure lambswool carpets, fully covered in premium black leather, burl walnut  woodwork and trim, dvd screens in the rear with two headset  capability, rear DVD screens, walnut retractable private-jet style  tray tables in rear, electric privacy blind on rear window, manual  privacy blinds on rear side windows, tinted windows for UV protection  of the leather, heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, heated  wing mirrors, electrically retractable wing mirrors, auto dimming  rearview mirror, power seats for driver and passenger with 3 stored memory settings, electric adjustable pedals and steering wheel  (positions are stored via the memory seat settings), automatic wipers with rain sensors, front and rear parking sensors, sunroof, double-paned glass for extra quiet interior, air suspension for an incredibly comfortable ride, sport mode, ABS brakes with painted red calipers, 3 door garage opener wireless capability, factory installed option 19-inch sport wheels with premium tires, including a full size spare 5th wheel in the trunk, adaptive cruise control, 6-CD changer in the front dash, iPod/Mp3 connection, DVD-based satellite navigation/GPS, Bluetooth wireless telephone capability, 2 zone climate control in the front and also in the rear (rear climate  control can be controlled independently from the back, rear entertainment controls including the ability to make phone calls from the back seat and control all multimedia settings on the car. The 2 rear tv screens are linked to a built-in DVD player and the rear passengers can plug in 2 separate headphones simultaneously so that they can watch DVD's without disturbing the other passengers. As you can see, this car is fully loaded and was state-of-the-art for its time.  For instance, how many 2008 cars have Bluetooth? Which, by the way, I use with my phone every time I'm in the car and it works  perfectly.>
This is my second Jaguar (previous: 1995 XJ Black on Black) and so I eventually upgraded to this car.Previous owner: I bought the car from a doctor who had 5 cars and never drove it.  He always kept it in the garage and only put 40k miles on the car from 2008 to 2015 when I bought it.  I have only put 25k miles on the car since then and they are mostly highway miles. As you can tell, I absolutely adore this car and have taken excellent  care of it. The only reason I am selling it is because it is the long  wheel base version with lots of space in the back. I am a single young professional with no kids so it is just too much car for me and I need  to downsize.

This is a special and classic car.  It really deserves to go to a Jag lover who will really appreciate it and take good care of it. It is also ideal for a family with kids because of the rear DVD screens and headphones! Huge amounts of legroom in the back as well, because it is the long wheel base version, as mentioned above. This car's retail price was over $100,000 (in 2008!) Any questions, please let me know. Pictures available upon request. Only serious inquiries please.
Thank you for looking.
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